Corporate communications and reputational management

You want to change the perception of your corporation, your own image or the image of your senior management? Do you think the current perception of your corporation in the media or general public does not reflect reality?

Together with you, we develop solutions for these and other issues and then execute. In order to do this, we match the inside view to the outside view to provide a full picture – the evaluation of possible impacts as well as the presentation of opportunities and risks.

Once this picture is established, we can discuss targeted communication measures. Our concepts are always client-tailored. Because each situation and each set of objectives is different.

Crisis communications and special situations

Your company is being criticized in public or is facing a major disruption? An extreme situation is occurring and is threatening the reputation and image of your business?

We create the necessary and appropriate strategy to prevent or contain possible damage to your reputation in advance. Extreme situations mean opportunities. We have the experience to analyze these situations and then to act quickly and appropriately.

The most important element in unusual situations is communications that

  • create trust
  • are reliable
  • include all stakeholders.

We are well-versed in these kinds of special communications and support our clients on-site.